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I offer a wide variety of psychological services. My practice consists of working with individuals, couples and families. While I work with many adults I have a particular specialty in dealing with children and adolescents.   Back to Top

  Assessment and Therapy

In addition to psychotherapy and counseling, I also conduct psychological assessment of adults, adolescents and children. Many other psychologists and therapists in the area refer their clients to me for such assessment and consultation. In addition I have a particular expertise in performing neuropsychological evaluations, which investigate the relationship of behavior to brain function. I also perform other specialized techniques such as play therapy for children, hypnotherapy and relaxation training. I also conduct forensic evaluations for the legal system which include child custody evaluations and civil and criminal evaluations to help determine appropriate disposition of a case.   Back to Top

  Getting Started

My services are offered in a comfortable and safe setting designed to help each individual or family gain the skills and knowledge they need to overcome their particular problem. When working with individual adults, I set up an initial consultation which helps me to get to know you. I try to obtain as much pertinent history and background as early as possible so I can make an assessment as to the appropriateness of my services to your needs. At the same time this allows you to ask questions and to evaluate my services and approach to see if they match your particular situation. If either you or I feel that another direction needs to be taken to help deal with your problem area, then I will assist you in securing a referral or other services as necessary.   Back to Top

  Younger Clients

If I am working with a child or adolescent, then initially I will meet with the parents or parent alone to obtain all the necessary background before I meet with your child. I will also explain to you in more detail how I would propose helping your child and schedule an appointment to meet with them. It is crucial for a child or adolescent to not only trust any counselor they see but also that they understand that a helping professional such as myself is not just interested in them because of the problem their parents think they have, but is also interested in them as individuals and interested in their lives and all they things they do as part of that life. I make it a priority to know about things that children and adolescents are interested in so that I can talk with them about things that matter to them.   Back to Top

  Practice Philosophy

I encourage openness in my clinical practice. I like my clients to ask questions and be active in finding healthy ways to lead their lives. I strive to create a therapeutic atmosphere in which you feel that you can talk about anything and in which you feel that you are being heard fully. I will bring all my listening and other clinical skills to each session to make our time together productive. However, I am also active in the therapy sessions and do not just listen but try and help you achieve insight into your personality so that you can begin to make the changes you need to make. While my ability to be a helping professional rests on my neutrality, as opposed to family and friends, I take an active role in helping you to create the necessary conditions for long-lasting change in yourself and your life.   Back to Top

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